How Long Should My Tree Removal Take? A Guide About What to Expect for a Tree Removal Process

Though getting a tree removed can be stressful, it’s a fantastic opportunity to revitalize your property. Generally, dead or decaying trees can cause some serious damage to surrounding plants, so removal helps to give your remaining plants the chance to thrive. That said, if this is your first tree removal, it’s normal to have some questions about what’s to come. Today, we’re going over what to expect from a tree removal process, from preparation tips to the time that’s likely to be taken up by the removal itself. Let’s get started.

What Should I Do Beforehand?

Luckily, preparation for tree removal isn’t too extensive for property owners. Tree removals usually require permits from your city to be issued, but this is something that your tree removal company can have taken care of. Generally speaking, the best thing you can do is to make sure that your property is clean and that the area surrounding the tree is cleared of any furniture, objects, or debris. This is helpful for making things run smoothly on the day of removal, as well as for making sure that none of your property is damaged during the process. If you do have exterior furniture, we recommend moving it to another location altogether, such as your garage or indoors, before removal begins.

Another helpful step is to notify your neighbors about the removal – especially is the tree being removed is in close proximity to their property. Make sure they’re aware of the time of removal and give them the opportunity to clear away any items that are in the vicinity of the tree (if this is applicable).

What Can Be Expected the Day of Removal?

Your tree removal experts will arrive at a predetermined time and, as long as the area is cleared of any furniture or other items, will get right to work. Make sure that there is no foot traffic on your property’s exterior during the tree removal process; ask all residents, visitors, and neighbors whose homes are in proximity to the removal site to stay indoors or to use a pathway that doesn’t take them near the removal area.

How Long Should My Tree Removal Take?

The amount of time taken up by the removal isn’t so much about the size of the tree as it is about where the tree is located. Additionally, the most time-consuming part of the process is usually the preparation, not the removal itself. Some trees can be taken down in as little as 15 minutes, while others can take a few hours. Usually, the more cramped or crowded the location of the tree, the longer it will take to remove. Your professional removal team will be able to give you a ballpark time estimate once they get a look at the removal site.

What Should I Do About the Stump?

It’s important that, once your tree is removed, the resulting stump be appropriately dealt with, as well. Stump grinding can be done immediately after tree removal, or it can be a few days or weeks after. Regardless, it’s important to dispose of the stump appropriately: leaving a stump behind can be a serious falling hazard, and it can impede new trees or plants from growing on your property. On top of that, stumps begin to decay shortly after tree removal; in order to avoid the appearance of pests like termites, we strongly recommend having them professionally dealt with as soon after removal as possible.
We hope this guide has been helpful to give you an idea about what to expect from a tree removal process. Tree removal is an excellent way to keep your property in optimal condition and to open up possibilities for future growth. If you’d like to get a free quote on tree removal, contact us.


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