Do You Need Tree Removal Services?

There are several reasons why a tree would need to be removed. A few reasons are if the tree is diseased, dead or posing a risk to your home. You may need to enlist tree removal services if your property’s trees are constantly dropping limbs, contain a cavity, or beginning to cause damage to your home. Hazardous trees can be extremely dangerous if left untouched. If you suspect that your property has one or more hazardous trees, it’s time to look into removal.


Taking Care of Your Permit Needs

Depending on where you live, a tree removal permit may be required. We are familiar with the requirements of each city & county in the Tampa Bay area. If your tree requires a permit, this is a process we will happily facilitate for you. All we would need from you is a signature. We handle everything from start to finish and keep you updated every step of the way.

The Removal Process

Removing a tree is one of the most dangerous elements of property maintenance. Our experts are extensively trained to adhere to the highest of standards when removing your tree, ensuring that the process is both expedient and safe for your property and our crew. Care is taken to make sure we minimize any possible damage to your property during the process. The remaining stump is cut as low to the ground as possible. If you would like the stump grindings mulch removed with topsoil added, we are able to do that for an additional cost.

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Happy Clients, Happy Us

“Many thanks for doing such a great job on taking down a real nuisance to us for a very long time. We appreciate all your hard work and care in taking the tree down in a real professional way.”


“I have been working with LJ and his team for 7 years now. Quality work, and top notch people! I would recommend LJ and his team to anyone that needs a professional to complete a job.”

-Nic DellaRocco

“Tucker Enterprise Services has completed removing trees at my house twice and my neighbors twice. I am very satisfied with the quality of service and intend to use them again, if needed. Not only was the job done with great expertise, but Mr. Tucker and his crew are very pleasant and really nice people.”

-Ardis-Darlene Smith

“LJ is Big league, stand up guy. Anything I call him for it gets done 100% He has the big boy equipment that the others do not and has all the insurance. Thanks for the great work!”

-Steven Stout