Should It Stay or Should It Go? Signs a Tree on Your Property Needs to Be Removed

Keeping your property healthy and well-maintained starts with being observant – and knowing what red flags to look for in the first place. Your trees’ health can have a major impact on the overall well-being of your entire property, so it’s critical to be well-informed about the signs of an unhealthy tree. If you’re suspicious that a particular tree on your property may be in rough shape, it’s always advisable to consult with a professional. That said, it’s especially important to call in a pro if you notice one of the signs a tree on your property needs to be removed. Let’s go over what those are – and what you should do in order to make sure your property stays safe and healthy.

Damaged Roots (or Fungal Growth on Its Roots)

Even the most vigilant property owners can have a tendency to inspect a tree’s trunk and branched but not its roots, despite the fact that roots can tell you loads about your tree’s health. If you notice that a tree’s roots are blackened, weak, or broken, these are all signs that decay is underway. On top of that, if you notice mushrooms sprouting around a tree’s roots, consider it a major red flag: fungal growth is a surefire sign of root decay. Call a professional tree service provider to come in and take a closer look if you come across any of these root red flags.

No Sign of Life

Though bugs may be pesky (especially during a Florida summer), they’re a critical part of your property’s own small ecosystem – as well as a telltale sign of life. If you begin noticing that a particular tree is completely devoid of birds or insects, consider it a sign that something is off. Most bugs won’t hang around a tree that’s decaying, so their absence may be pointing to the fact that your tree isn’t in great shape.

Deep Cracks on the Trunk

Of course, tree bark is irregular and ridged, making it sound difficult to spot abnormal cracks and breakages. Trust us, though: if you know what to look for, you’ll spot problematic cracks that pop up. Inspect your tree for deep, large cracks that appear vertically. These are signs that your trunk has either sustained considerable damage or that it could be dying. If you spot one or more of these cracks, it’s possible that your tree may be in need of removal, so call in a trusted professional to make sure.

Dramatic Leaning

Of course, no property owner wants to deal with the prospect of a fallen tree. From a major inconvenience to serious property damage, the aftermath of a fallen tree can range in severity – but it’s always unpleasant. If a storm hits and leaves your tree(s) literally bent out of shape, take it as a sign that there’s been some serious structural damage. Don’t write off bent-over trees as just a property quirk; they can pose a major threat to your property. That said, professional removal will help to make sure that everything and everyone stays safe.

Tangled in Power Lines

The most urgent sign that a tree on your property needs to be removed is if it becomes entangled in power lines. This is a serious hazard for your property and neighboring ones. If you notice this happening (or close to it) with one of your trees, call a professional immediately – and make sure they’re specialized in emergency tree removal.

The first step to keeping your property in great shape is understanding the signs a tree on your property needs to be removed. Stay observant and proactive to help guarantee the health and safety of your trees and your property at large. If you think you may be in need of professional tree trimming or removal services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free quote.


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