The Most Common Property Maintenance Issues for Tampa Bay Homeowners (and What to Do About Them)

Property maintenance can feel difficult to manage in the midst of all of life’s other obligations, but it’s one of the most impactful parts of your home exterior’s overall appearance and safety. In reality, keeping your trees and hedges in good shape doesn’t take much – it just requires knowing what to look for and who to call if something is off. Today, we’re going over some of the most common property maintenance issues for Tampa Bay homeowners to help make sure that you’re on top of everything your property needs in order to thrive. Let’s get started.

Unruly Shrubs and Hedges

We’ll begin with the issue that carries the lowest stakes: unruly shrubbery. Unkempt bushes can easily make your property as a whole look unpolished, bringing down its perceived value (which is particularly important if you’re thinking about selling your home). Don’t get us wrong, however: it’s not just about looks. Not maintaining hedges and shrubs can lead to more serious issues, like preventing rainwater and sunlight from reaching other parts of your lawn. This could lead to patchiness throughout your yard. To avoid these inconveniences and complications, be sure to get your hedges trimmed when they begin to lose their shape.

Overgrown Tree Branches

Having trees on your property is amazing, but it does come with a few responsibilities, the first of which is making sure that all tree branches are under control. The lowest-hanging branches from your tree should be at a minimum distance of 8-10 feet from your roof. Allowing them to get closer can lead to scratched or dislodged tiles and shingles, meaning costly repairs that could have otherwise been prevented.

On top of that, it’s particularly important to be cautious about brand overgrowth if your home is in proximity to power lines. Always be proactive about getting branches trimmed if there is a nearby power line, and always call in a professional to do it. If you notice you have a tree whose branches are close to or already entangled in power lines, call a professional tree maintenance company as soon as possible.

Bent-Over Tree Trunks

As we Floridians know all too well, hurricane season can cause some interesting things to happen to our trees. If you notice that one of your trees is bent out of shape following a storm, don’t chalk it up to an “it happens.” This indicates that the structural integrity of your tree has been seriously damaged, and it’s critical to have it looked at (and, unfortunately, potentially removed) by a professional in order to avoid it completely falling over on your property.

Root Complications

Healthy trees start with healthy roots. If you’re wondering about the overall health of one of your trees, looking down and inspecting its roots is always a good way to start investigating. If you notice patchy, discolored, or severely cracked roots, your tree may be in decay. What’s more, if you notice any mushrooms growing around your tree’s roots, consider it a red flag: the growth of fungi is also a telltale sign of tree decay. Noticing any of these on your tree’s roots is a good sign that it’s time to call in a professional.

Now that you know some of the most common property maintenance issues for Tampa Bay homeowners, you’ll be well-equipped to stay vigilant and make sure your property is in good shape. If you’re wondering about whether one of your trees may need pruning or removal, check out our free infographic to help make the distinction.


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