5 Hazards on Your Lawn that You May Not Have Known Were There

With great trees comes great responsibility. For a lot of people, lawn and property maintenance consists of a lawn mover and maybe some recreational gardening – and there’s nothing wrong with that. For the most part, a healthy lawn is pretty low-maintenance. With that said, it’s critical to make sure that the exterior of your property is in good shape in the first place. Some of the most troublesome hazards on your lawn can be difficult to spot at first glance, but they stick out like a sore thumb when you know what to look for. Today, we’re going over some of these hidden hazards so that you can stay informed and rest assured that your property is in the best possible shape year-round. Let’s dive in.

No Bugs on Your Trees

There’s no denying that, in Florida of all places, bugs can be quite a nuisance – especially in the warmer months. With that being said, insects are an important part of your property’s own little ecosystem, and their absence is a telltale sign that something is off. Do a routine inspection of your trees for ants, beetles, spiders (yes, even those), or any other sign of life. If you notice that any tree or bush is regularly absent of insects, it’s a significant sign that there may be some rot within it that’s driving them away.

Deep Cracks in the Bark

At first glance, this may sound like you’re being asked to spot a needle in a haystack, but hear us out: irregularities in tree bark are normal, but deep-set cracks are not. Dangerous cracks in tree bark will usually present vertically, and they’ll be long and deep enough to be spotted from afar. These are a serious sign that your tree is damaged from the inside out – and that it may be dying.

Dead or Dying Branches

Pay attention to the branches of your property’s trees and bushes: of course, small breakages and cracks are inevitable. That said, entire branches that are leafless, discolored, or broken off are indicative of a larger problem. When a tree starts dying, it becomes unable to transport water to its branches, making them one of the first things to deteriorate. If a tree is regularly losing branches or looks more sparse than usual, it may be time to get a professional opinion.

Rotten Roots

If you notice unprecedented mushroom growth around one of your trees or bushes, it may be tempting to perceive this as a harmless, if interesting, development. In reality, if fungi begin to grow near a tree’s roots, it’s a major sign that those roots are decaying. If you notice this, it’s probably time to call a professional right away: rotting roots indicate that the structural integrity of your tree has been compromised. To avoid the possibility of a fallen tree on your property and the ensuing damage from this, call a professional tree removal company right away.

Proximity to Power Lines

You’d be surprised at how often we can forget to simply look up from the comfort of our lawns. Doing this isn’t just a meditative way to appreciate the beauty of your property (though that’s certainly a plus) – it’s an important means by which to evaluate your trees. If your property is near any power lines, be intentional about making sure that your trees’ growth is under control. If a tree’s branches are even growing in the direction of power lines, intervention is necessary. Trees that grow to touch power lines are a serious hazard both for your property and neighboring ones. If you notice this with a tree on your lawn, it is critical to get in touch with professionals who specialize in power line tree removal immediately.

Keeping your property safe and well-maintained starts with knowing how to identify potential hazards on your lawn and being diligent about addressing them right away. By understanding what to look for, you’ll be able to rest assured that your property is as safe as it is beautiful. If you’ve noticed some red flags on one of your trees and are wondering whether it’ll need pruning or removal, take a look at our free infographic.


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